Cute and Simple Bullet Journal Doodle Tutorial

Bullet Journal with cute and simple doodles

A Bullet Journal tutorial that is cute and simple!

If I had to pick one piece of advice when it comes to doodles, I would definitely choose "start simple!" It's a cliche, but I build everything I create on simple, easy to make shapes.

Bullet Journal with doodles and Pitt Artist Pens

This tutorial shows you 8 different cute and tiny doodles that you're able to make in 4 simple steps.

Bullet Journal with doodles

If you want to take it to the next level, add some shading with a Warm Grey 272 Pitt Artist Brush Pen, or layer your doodles with the same color to add some depth.

Bullet Journal with doodles

Not into doodling? Check out this fun and free printable HERE!

Thanks for stopping by - keep creating!

Artist Biography - Nicole Barlettano - @plansthatblossom


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