Creating a Vision Bullet Journal

Bullet Journal with Pitt Artist Pens

Bullet Journal reflection and inspiration for 2021!

As 2020 has officially come to a close, what better time to reflect on the past year and look ahead to a fresh start. Journaling is a great way to reflect on 365 days gone by and savor the memories we have collected.

Bullet Journal with Pitt Artist Pens

Lhey Ralston of @Iammommylhey has created thoughtful entries into her journal which focus on finding and appreciating even the smallest things in what was a challenging year. She writes, "Life can only be understood backwards but it must be lived forward."

Bullet Journal with Pitt Artist Pens

With a new year comes a fresh start and a clean page. Lhey has used this time and space to pen a letter to her future self.

What hopes and dreams to you see 2021 bringing to fruition? What changes would you like to see in yourself? Bringing pen to paper is the perfect way to capture these wishes and serves as a visual reminder as you explore each passing day.

Download this free printable to get started with your vision journal!

Bullet Journal with Pitt Artist Pen

What will you capture in your journal in 2021?

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