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Holiday Party Christmas Crafts for Kids

Posted on December 23 2019

Holiday Party Christmas Crafts for Kids


Holiday parties present the opportunity for children to create family traditions, foster friendships, and inspire creativity. Too often; however, we get trapped in a routine about mulling through the same standard Santa activities year after year. Luckily, we at Creativity for Kids are the experts of creative crafts that are not only fun and unique but will nurture creative confidence. Here are holiday party children’s crafts that break the mold on traditional celebrations and will inspire your children this holiday season. 

Decorate with Holiday Sparkling Window Art:

Greet guests with sparkling holiday spirit from the inside to the outside of your home with Holiday Sparkling Window Art. This festive craft kit allows children to create their favorite holiday assets and characters to display. Paint, peel, and press over 25 designs; enough for a whole party to enjoy!

Holiday Sparkling Window Art

Holiday Button Souvenir:

No successful party is complete without a souvenir! What’s better than a holiday accessory? With our Holiday Buttons Mini Kit, children can choose from an elf, reindeer, Santa, or snowman to create their own festive button. Each kit is mess-free and includes everything you need to create and decorate four buttons.

Holiday Buttons Mini Kit: snowman, elf, Santa, and reindeer

Holiday Nail Art:

For party-goers with an eye for style, Holiday Nail Art Mini Kit is an essential activity! Turn your holiday party into a nail party with over 100 holiday-themed peel and press nail art designs, a candy cane-shaped file, and twinkle polish clear coat to finish off the magical manicure.

Holiday Nail Art Nails with candy cane shaped file

Holiday Doodle Socks:

If a spa-themed activity is not the style of the party, our Holiday Doodle Socks craft kit is the perfect activity for everyone! Each kit includes two pairs of holiday-themed socks, four bright fabric markers, and glitter paint. Have the children create festive fun for their feet, making the perfect accessory for holiday festivities!

Holiday Doodle Socks

Holiday Hide and Seek Rock Painting:

The Holiday Hide and Seek Rock Painting Kit is a must-have for a children’s holiday party; it is endless fun in just one simple kit! Each rock is a canvas for children to express their personal holiday spirit with eight weather-resistant paints, over 30 holiday-themed transfers and four bonus golden transfers. Each kit also provides 10 rocks and two brushes to use. After the paint has dried, take the party outside and hide the rocks for others to find!

Holiday Hide and Seek Painted Rock

Big Gem Diamond Painting – Sweets:

Add some shimmer to your holiday party with the Big Gem Diamond Painting Sweets craft kit. With adorable designs and larger easy to use gems, this craft kit makes diamond painting easy and mess-free. When complete, show off your designs as each kit includes 12 holographic stickers and two sun catchers with open-ended design.

Big Gem Diamond Painting Sweets

Holiday Keepsake Ornament:

Let the merry memories of your holiday party carry on with the Keepsake Ornament Mini Kit. Children can decorate their handprints with paint, ribbon, and gold glitter glue for parents to hang on the tree and cherish.

Keepsake Ornament Craft Kit

Holiday Memory Books:

Every holiday season comes with unique and special experiences and memories. Use our Create Your Own 3 Little Books craft kit to inspire children to illustrate their own favorite memories or holiday stories. This activity aids in developing fine motor skills, fosters a love for reading, and promotes storytelling. Each kit includes three blank books, nine markers, and seven sticker sheets.

Create Your Own 3 Little Books

Change the way you approach holiday party children’s crafts. Let Creativity for Kids inspire a holiday season full of unique crafts and creative experiences. Create any of the crafts shown above or any other great Holiday craft ideas? Share them with us on our Creativity for Kids Facebook group

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