DIY Fluffy Slime

DIY Fluffy Slime


If you have school-aged kids, you already know that DIY Slime is a super-popular craft. Kids are making it for fun, for fundraisers, and at parties. This recipe has only 5 common ingredients that you can find at the drugstore or dollar store.

You can whip this up in about 5 minutes and have LOTS of fun!

DIY Slime Ingredients: food coloring, corn starch, contact lens solution, shaving foam, and white glue.

You’ll Need:

  • Shaving foam
  • white glue
  • contact lens solution (NOTE: it must list BORIC ACID in the ingredient list for this to work!)
  • corn starch
  • food coloring

You’ll also need a 1/2 cup measuring cup, a 1 tablespoon measuring spoon, a bowl and spoon, and an airtight container for your finished slime.

And don’t fret if your measurements aren’t exact- this is more of an art than a science!

Measure 1/2 cup each of white glue and shaving foam in the bowl and mix well.

Mix glue and shaving foam

Add a few drops of food color and mix that in, too.

Add food coloring to mix

Next, add a heaping tablespoon of cornstarch.

Add cornstarch to mix

Half-way done!

Squirt a coat of contact lens solution over the top of the mixture. You’ll notice your mixture is pretty sticky…but after a minute or so, you’ll see that when you stir it, your slime will start to seize up and bind together!

Add contact lens solution

Now you will stir some more and it will start to form a lump of dough. If it feels sticky, squirt some more lens solution over the top and then knead it in by hand.

Usually 2-3 minutes of kneading is required- but you’ll come up with perfect fluffy slime!

Fluffy Slime

This is a true “slime”— at rest it will start to flow and melt…. but if you work it in your hands it gets firmer and holds together!

Now store your slime in an airtight container and have fun!

Here’s a little 3-minute video that shows you the whole process:

Just a reminder that this is NOT edible and should be for kids ages 7 and up.



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