DIY Shaving Cream Paint

Shaving Cream Paint & Book DIY


How about some messy fun today? Did you know that you can make your own paint with only TWO ingredients- shaving cream and food coloring! 

All you need for the paint is:

  • shaving cream (and bonus- you can pick the scent you like!)
  • standard kitchen food colors
  • plastic cups – one for each color you want to make
  • craft sticks for mixing
  • something to make textures- I used a dollar-store fly swatter!
  • large-size paper: 15 X 20 is perfect

And if you want to make a book from your finished paper:

  • scissors
  • duck tape
  • glue stick

Place an egg-sized dollop of shaving cream in each cup, one for each color you want to make. Most liquid food colors only come in four colors- red, yellow, blue and green. So if you want to make secondary colors like orange or purple, you can mix them right in the cups. Add 5-8 drops of food color on top of each dollop of shaving cream, then mix well with the craft stick.

Shaving cream with food coloring

Now you are ready to paint- either with your fingers, or spread around like frosting, or smashed with the swatter!

Shaving cream paint on paper

Free-form painting

Shaving cream paint on paper

Ink-blot style painting

This is a perfect activity for kids of all ages- it’s sensory (both olfactory and tactile) and the colors get more intense on the paper as they dry!

Have fun being creative!


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