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DIY Tie-Dye Notebook

Posted on October 03 2019

DIY Tie-Dye Notebook


Back to school is a bittersweet time- the end of summer but the start of a new school year. Pick yourself up by making this “Tie-Dye” style notebook. What makes it great is that you don’t really need tie-dyeing supplies- and we avoid the mess by using tissue paper and shelf liner! Here’s what you need:

  • inexpensive notebook (edge bound, not spiral)
  • cardstock (heavy) paper
  • tissue paper that “bleeds” when wet
  • shelf liner
  • paper punches
  • scissors
  • glue stick
  • duck tape or printed packing tape
  • water misting bottle

Here is the full tutorial- in under 3 minutes!

Making the project is easy- here are the steps if you missed anything.

  1. Using punches, cut shapes from shelf liner. You can free-hand the shapes as well!
  2. Remove backing and apply the shelf liner stickers to the paper, smoothing them down to make sure they stick well.
  3. Cut strips of tissue, or make other shapes that you like.
  4. Lightly mist the paper with water, then lay the strips of tissue on top, overlapping slightly. Cover the whole paper.
  5. Add more water by misting until you see the colors run. Tip the paper to get them to mix!
  6. Let dry
  7. Remove the tissue and the shelf liner stickers.
  8. Repeat steps 1-7 for a second piece of paper if you’d like to cover the back of the notebook as well.
  9. Apply gluestick to the front of the notebook.
  10. Place paper along the black edge and smooth down. Let dry.
  11. Using the scissors, trim away the excess paper from the notebook cover and round the edges.
  12. Using the duck tape, cut a strip that is the same length as the notebook. Apply the tape so that it covers the left edge of the tie-dye paper and wraps around the back.

 Tie-Dye Notebook

You can make one for each subject or use it as a planner. Never have a boring notebook again!



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