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Fluffy Easter Bunny Bum Bunting - An Easter Craft for Kids

Posted on March 25 2020

Fluffy Bunny Bum Bunting

Making Easter Crafts with Kids is a great way to celebrate the season.

We love to make memories while dying Easter eggs and making festive bunnies and chicks. This is a quick and fun craft to celebrate Easter!

You’ll need a few supplies:

Fluffy Bunny Bum Bunting Supplies

Faber-Castell Rainbow Fluffy Paint
Burlap Bunting
Easter Theme Paper
Micro Pom Poms

To create these adorable bunnies, simply follow these easy steps:

Trace our bunny Bunny printable onto the reverse side of the patterned paper of your choice. Carefully cut out each bunny.

Bunny cut outs with scissors

Now comes the fun part, adding a fluffy tail to the bunny bums! Choose a color of Rainbow Fluffy Paint and add a dollop.

Punny cut outs with fluffy paint

To build the dimension squeeze slowly while raising the tube, similar to squeezing our frosting. Add some fluff by gently pressing a micro pom-poms into the wet paint.

Bunny cut outs with fluffy paint and mini pom-poms

Allow the tails to dry. Adhere your bunnies to the bunting with glue and allow to dry.

Bunny bunting

Your bunting is ready to hang!

Fluffy Bunny Bum Bunting

Happy Easter everyone! Hop, hop, hop.

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