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Jeweled Easter Egg Craft for Kids

Posted on April 06 2020

Jeweled Eggs Spring Craft for Kids

An Easter egg craft that's sparkling for spring!

Are you in need of some egg-cellent Spring craft ideas? Look no further! These sparkly painted clay and jeweled eggs are a great way to keep tiny fingers busy while this springtime weather can be unpredictable.

Easter is one of my kid’s favorite holidays. Sure, they love candy, the bunny, and pastel fancy clothes, but their absolute favorite thing to do (at any holiday, really) is a scavenger hunt. They set up hunts for each other almost daily but when it’s orchestrated by others such as a parent or the bunny, it’s the best day ever! Your kids will love hunting & gathering their own handmade creations.

While we are on break from school, it's important to keep those minds racing and skills sharpened. This craft uses multiple techniques, perfect for exercising those fine motor skills. Clay forming, painting and embellishing will keep those minds and fingers moving! Also, sitting down without any outside distractions and having some one-on-one time is what our kids need right now.


How to Make Jeweled Spring Eggs

Jeweled egg decorating craft supplies

Here’s what you’ll need:



Jeweled Spring Eggs Video:


Jeweled Spring Eggs Instructions:

 1. Crumple foil into an egg shape

Crumble foil into egg shape

 2. Cover foil with air dry clay and form into a smooth egg shape

 Cover foil with clay

3. Paint with tempera paint before the clay dries

 Paint with tempera paint

4. Press gemstones into the egg before clay dries

Press gemstones into egg

5. Let clay & paint harden/dry

 Jeweled egg craft


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 Artist Biography: Tara Custer




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