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Easter Egg Paint Splatter Craft for Kids

Posted on March 24 2020

Paint Splatter Easter Eggs Craft for Kids

Easy Easter egg craft for kids!

It’s been a long, cold winter…. While we wait for spring to come, here’s an egg-cellent Easter activity for the kids. These Paint Splatter Easter Eggs are fun, festive, and best of all – mess-free! 🙌

My kids are impatiently waiting to get outside and play. Not only did this time-filling activity help us get through a long afternoon, it exercised some valuable motor skills and allowed devoted time to discussing the meaning of Easter to our family. This project will allow your kids to practice their cutting, drawing, & tracing skills, creative and unique painting techniques, and color theory. My daughter had a blast choosing colors to mix and seeing what color came out after a vigorous shake session.

How to Craft Paint Splatter Easter Eggs


Here is what you’ll need:

  • White card stock
  • Tempera paint
  • Empty plastic container or jar w/ lid (peanut butter or mayo jar work great!)
  • Jelly beans (Dry beans or marbles work too!)
  • Scissors

 Paint Splatter Easter Egg Craft Supplies

Paint Splatter Easter Egg Video:

Paint Splatter Easter Eggs Instructions:

1. Cut card stock sheet in half.

Cut card stock in half
2. Roll & fit card stock in to plastic jar.

Roll and fit card stock into plastic jar
3. Squirt paint(s) on bottom of jar.

Squirt paint on bottom of jar
4. Throw in a few jellybeans & replace lid.

Throw in a few jelly beans

6. Remove paper & let dry.

Remove paper and let dry
7. Trace or draw egg shape.

Trace or draw egg shape
8. Cut egg out.

Cut egg out


Happy Easter!

Let the kids go nuts makin’ & shakin’ to create festive decor such as a splatter egg banner or Easter brunch place card holders! This technique would also work on hearts for Valentine’s Day, stars for 4th of July, or trees for Christmas!

And if some bunny in your house is still “bored”, these Marker Dyed Easter Eggs are another mess-free (yay!) way to entertain, engage and decorate! Craft kits, such as this Magic Bean Garden kit are also a great way to combat boredom! And make great Easter basket fillers (in case the big bunny is looking for ideas).

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