An Artists' Guide to Choosing the Right Eraser

Art Eraser Guide with dust-free eraser

What eraser is best for your art?

As a company that prides ourselves in providing the best quality art supplies for every artist, our variety of similar but distinctive products can often be confused. An artist with a passion for charcoal work should not be using the same eraser as an artist who works primarily with ink. That is why Faber-Castell provides erasers for every realm of art, including: the Eraser 7086-30, Eraser Sleeve, Perfection 7058 Eraser Pencil, Perfection 7056 Eraser Pencil, Kneadable Art Eraser, Dust-Free Art Eraser, and the Dust-Free Vinyl Art Eraser.

Faber-Castell art erasers provide high-quality support for your art with safety and functionality in mind. Our erasers are made of synthetic rubber and plastic; most being latex and PVC-free ensuring that they are free of harmful phthalate plasticizer.

Eraser 7086-30

Our standard eraser, the Eraser 7086–30, is white and plastic and provides clean and soft erasing. Its balanced plastic mixture guarantees soft and smear and dust-free erasing and is ideal for working with graphite. This eraser is made in Malaysia.

Eraser Sleeve

Eraser Sleeve

Our Eraser Sleeve has changed the way artists handle erasers. Identified by its protective sleeve and ergonomic shape, the Eraser Sleeve is comfortable to use allowing for soft corrections and precise control of strokes while keeping the artists fingers clean. It delivers smudge-free erasing, and it is best to use with graphite and color pencils.

Perfection 7058 Eraser Pencil & Perfection 7056 Eraser Pencil

Perfection 7058 Eraser Pencil & Perfection 7056 Eraser Pencil

The Perfection 7058 Eraser Pencil is used to erase liquid, water-based, and ballpoint inks with its white hard eraser tip. This eraser in the form of a pencil allows clean and precise erasing for detailed ink projects such as art created with Pitt Artist Pens.

The Perfection 7056 Eraser Pencil has similar features to its counterpart the Perfection 7058 Eraser Pencil but serves a vastly different purpose. The soft red eraser on the Perfection 7056 provides fine point graphite erasing.

Both Perfection Eraser Pencils do not contain natural rubber, latex or silicone but instead contain thermoplastic, synthetic rubber, filler and additives. Faber-Castell Eco-Pencils such as the Perfection Eraser Pencils are created with wood from sustainably managed forests.

Pro tip: For best sharpening results, we suggest using the handheld Double Hole Sharpener.

Kneadable Art Erasers

Kneadable Art Erasers

A Faber-Castell favorite, the Kneadable Eraser, is a must when working with graphite, charcoal, and pastels. It is extremely kneadable, functioning by absorbing graphite, charcoal, and pastel particles and is commonly used for correcting and lightening charcoal and pastel work, for cleaning slides and final drawings. It is a soft pliable eraser that is extremely kneadable and absorbent. Also known as putty rubber as it resembles putty or gum, there is no wearing away to leave behind residue, therefore it lasts much longer than other erasers.

Small amounts can be "pinched" off the rectangular block of the eraser in order to work on minute detail. The small pieces can be worked and kneaded by hand to any shape for precision erasing and detailing work. It can become saturated to the point it is no longer able to absorb which will then leave marks instead of erasing. If the eraser is too warm, it may smear or stick. The Kneadable eraser is available in assorted colors and is PVC-Free.

Dust-Free Art Eraser & Dust-Free Vinyl Art Eraser

Dust-Free Art Eraser & Dust-Free Vinyl Art Eraser

The Faber-Castell Dust-Free Art Eraser and Dust-Free Vinyl Art Eraser are great for correcting graphite and color pencil artwork. One made of vinyl and the other plastic, both erasers are created to erase extremely clean to minimize waste that could compromise your artwork. The residue of erased material will roll together to create less dust. Both vinyl erasers are made of PVC resin and are latex and phthalate-free.

High-quality artwork is only as strong as every product used. That is why we create high-quality art erasers that you can trust with any media of your choice. Learn the qualities and differences of our erasers and find the right one for you.


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