E-Motion Fine Writing Collection

E-Motion Fine Writing Pen Collection

A pen collection that brings energy to your designs!

What emotions do you feel when your visions take shape? The E-Motion Fine Writing Collection brings the energy and inspiration to achieve your visions on paper. This collection of writing instruments comes in a variety of material options that fit the style of any dreamer.

A pen from the E-Motion Collection can be identified by its chunky cigar-like shape that sits comfortably in the writer's hand. Dream with emotion in seven different elaborately finished surface options. Enjoy E-Motion in silver or black aluminum engraved with an elaborate guilloche pattern, smooth warm shades of pearwood in brown, dark brown or black, and black resin finished in an intricate crocodile or parquet texture. Each pen is detailed with glossy or matte chrome-plated metal parts including a spring-loaded clip.

Faber-Castell E-Motion Fountain Pen

This collection is available in ballpoint, rollerball, and fountain pen in sizes medium, broad, fine, and extra-fine as well as a 1.4mm pencil. Each ballpoint pen is crafted with a twist mechanism and ink that provides a strong broad sized width and each fountain pen includes a high-quality stainless-steel nib. The E-Motion 1.4mm pencil is unique with its extra thick lead which is perfect for sketching. Learn which instrument is best for you here.

Two E-Motion Fine Writing Pens

The variety of options and designs allow you to bring your visions to life no matter your style. The sweeping silhouette of the E-Motion supports you in every creative phase. Find inspiration in your ink and shop our E-Motion Collection here.


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