LOOM Fine Writing Collection

LOOM Fine Writing Collection pens on a guitar

A fine writing pen collection of elegance and style. 

The LOOM Fine Writing Collection features a fascinating pen selection with varied luminous colors that show elegance and style. Each LOOM features a grip section with fine rings and a subtly curved form for attractive comfort. Individuals looking to begin exploring with fine writing pens will find the LOOM collection as a great starting point with high-quality features for an affordable price. Enjoy this collection in ballpoint, rollerball, and fountain pen. 

Loom Fine Writing Pen with journal

There are a variety of metallic colors available in the LOOM Fine Writing Collection: olive, light blue, and grey. You can also choose from a polished or a matte gunmetal finish.

After you find your favorite color, you have high quality fountain, ballpoint, or rollerball pens to choose from. LOOM rollerball pens are equipped with a metal spring-loaded clip for easy storage and style and fast-drying ceramic rollerball that boldly distributes black ink. Ballpoint pens are also created with a spring-loaded metal clip as well as a polished metal grip. The ballpoint pens in this collection have refillable ink with a broad tip. LOOM fountain pens are available in four different stainless-steel nib sizes to achieve your desired line width: extra fine, fine, medium, and broad. Each fountain pen uses a cartridge converter system and comes equipped with one disposable refill. In addition, it has a metal clip and a cap that can be posted on the back end while the pen is in use.

With every style and finish, the LOOM Collection in the Fine Writing Series shows effortless elegance. Shop the complete collection, here.


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