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Floral Doodles for Your Bullet Journal!

Posted on September 10 2019

Floral Doodles for Your Bullet Journal!


Hi there! I'm back with another tutorial. This time, we're bringing you florals!

Florals are the number one journaling doodle out there, but they can be a little tricky to master.

Floral Doodles in Bullet Journal

These five easy floral doodle tutorials will help you add some sunshine to your bujo even when the weather isn't so bright.

These doodles can pop out behind your daily task boxes or even make a springy floral border around your pages! The mason jars make excellent text boxes for dates or notes!


  • Try these doodles in pencil, and color them in using Faber-Castell Pitt Artist Pens.
  • Once you've colored them in, give them a chance to dry, and then erase your pencil marks.
  • What you're left with are painterly illustrations that really elevate your journal.
  • Add highlights using the white ink pen, and add dimension to your illustrations going over your chosen color once more in the sections where shadows would land. This creates a darker shade of the same value that really adds interest to otherwise simple drawings!

Various Colored Pitt Artist Pens

Pitt Artist Pens are my absolute favorite pens to use!
The more I use them, the more I am discovering what they are capable of, and I am endlessly impressed!

Check out this free floral printable!

Thanks, and enjoy!


Faber-Castell Pitt Artist Pens Used:
Brush Pens:
White 101
Ice Blue 148
Sky Blue 146
Chromium Green Opaque 174
Raw Umber 180
Green Gold 268
Dark Chrome Yellow 109
Orange Glaze 113
Coral 131
Crimson 134

Black 199: Extra Superfine, Superfine, and Medium
Deep Scarlet Red 219 Superfine 


Artist Biography - Nicole Barlettano - @plansthatblossom

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