The General Writing Collection

Sparkle pencil and fountain pen

Pens and other stylish stationary for every individual!

We at Faber-Castell are proud to be recognized for our collections of elegant high-quality, stylish and functional writing instruments favored by pen collectors and experts all around the world – especially for products found within our Fine Writing and Graf von Faber-Castell brands. However, our passion for providing the perfect pen for every individual does not end with exclusivity for the luxury pen collector. Faber-Castell's General Writing brand is a collection of writing instruments and accessories that provide a point of difference that sets it apart from the rest. The perfect complement to the modern office, classroom, or study the affordable, trendy and functional writing instruments are ideal for taking notes, sketching, correcting texts, and more.   

General Writing instruments and accessories make the perfect companions for all things journaling, studying, and drawing. Confidently create your own ideas and write your own future with this collection of trendy colors and designs. The versatility of our General Writing instruments allow endless opportunities for use. Use our pencils and pens to jot down your notes or take it to the next level and use them to draw, doodle, or hand letter.

Pens and a highlighter

General Writing is created for everyday use for every individual with attractive designs available in an assortment of product lines including: Poly Ball, N’ice, the Perfect Pencil, Sparkle, TK Fine Vario, and the Grip Range. These product lines carry writing instruments including ballpoint, fountain, and rollerball pens, mechanical pencils, fineliners, markers, graphite pencils, textliner highlighters, and accessories such as sharpeners, erasers,  and ink refills. Read here to learn the difference between fountain, rollerball, and ballpoint pens.

Two Poly Ball pens and an invitation

Poly Ball:

Poly Ball writing instruments are available in ballpoint, and mechanical pencil. Poly Ball ballpoint pens and mechanical pencils are designed with a non-slip soft-touch surface with a triangular ribbed grip section that provides fatigue-free writing. The writing experience is comfortable and smooth and is available in 10 colors.

n'ice pens


n’ice ballpoint pens have an innovative, futuristic design that has been said to inspire many with a “molten metal” and “shimmering icicle” look. Perfect for any fashionable or functional occasion, n’ice ballpoint pens are available in metallic olive, metallic grey, and metallic light blue.

Perfect Pencil with a Castell 9000

The Perfect Pencil:

The Perfect Pencil takes our classic Castell 9000 to the next level. The Perfect Pencil is a high-quality Castell 9000 graphite pencil with B degree hardness and a protective cap to protect against tip breakage and to work as an extender. The cap includes an integrated sharpener with a study metal clip. The Perfect Pencil is available in original, Perfect Pencil II Blackberry, and Perfect Pencil refills in Castell 9000, brown, and black.

 Two Sparkle pencils

Sparkle Pencils:

Add a touch of bling to your desk with the Sparkle collection of sparkling pencils. Sparkle pencils have an ergonomic triangular shape with special break-resistant lead bonding and grade B hardness lead. This collection is available in 17 colors of beautiful pearl varnish with a glitter cap.

Two TK Fine Vario pencils

TK Fine Vario:

TK Fine Vario is our collection of mechanical pencils created for writing and drawing. Each pencil has a soft/ hard mechanism; soft provides cushion for the lead to use for writing and hard the lead is rigid for drawing. The pencil has a metal grip section and a lead hardness indicator in the tip. TK Fine Vario is available in lead sizes 0.35mm, 0.5mm, 0.7mm and 0.9mm. 

Grip Range pen with polaroid

Grip Range:

The Grip Range is available in two collections: Grip 2010 and Grip 2011. Both collections provide a smooth writing experience with a soft grip zone for an ergonomic hold and are available in fountain, ballpoint, fineliner, and rollerball pens and mechanical pencils. The Grip 2010 concept is made for writers who love fresh, trendy colors while Grip 2011 sports classic colors.

Metallic Textliners

Other Writing Tools:

Our General Writing tools do not end there. We also provide True Gel pens, Grip Pencil Sharpener, Pastel Broadpens, Textliners, and Highlighter Textliners in pastel, metallic, and superfluorescent.



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