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Thanksgiving Craft: Grateful Turkey

Posted on October 22 2019

Grateful Turkey Thanksgiving Craft


This Thanksgiving craft uses watercolor markers and hand lettering as a fun way to show your gratefulness. Tis the season to be grateful…although it doesn’t hurt to be grateful year round!


-Pitt Artist Pen® (Brush and Medium Nib)  

-Albrecht Dürer® Watercolor Markers 

Albrecht Durer Watercolor Marker 20 Set and Pitt Artist Pen

To start my grateful turkey I drew a rough outline of the body with my Sepia watercolour marker. After you have the ink on the paper, add water! 

Watercolor Marker Turkey Outline

Watercolor Turkey Outline with Water Brush

Once the body is done use other colors to add feather shapes behind and then you guessed it…add water! Don’t be afraid to let the colors blend and bleed into each other! 

Watercolor Turkey

Watercolor Turkey with Water Brush

Once everything is dry go in and add your details with Pitt Artist Pens. I outlined the turkey (body and feathers), added words/lettering (“I am grateful for…”), as well as adding things that I am grateful for on the feathers! This is such a fun activity to do with friends or family! 

Watercolor Turkey Craft

Watercolor Turkey with Thanksgiving Hand Lettering and Pitt Artist Pens 


Artist Biography - Erin Dahlberg - The Lettering Fern

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