Bullet Journal Doodles: Halloween Graveyard

Halloween Graveyard Doodles

 Halloween doodles that take us to the graveyard!

Beware! Faber-Castell USA and I are bringing you Graveyard doodles! These spooky doodles will be the perfect accent to all of your Halloween pages!

Recommended Art Materials:

Pitt Artist Pens 

Bullet Journal with Halloween Doodles

You're able to create these 5 different doodles, in only 4 steps! Combine them all to create a graveyard scene!

As an added bonus, I've also included a tutorial on how to create a bone font using your own handwriting!

Bullet Journal with Halloween Doodle Tutorial

First, in 2 simple steps, learn the basics of drawing a bone! After you have that down, write out your word - capitalized and in print. After you have your word, divide the parts of your letter into straight lines (please note, this can get a little tricky with letters like G & S - just make tiny little bones) Once you have broken your letters up into separate lines, add another line to the side of your existing line to create the base of your bones. As shown in step 4, add the ends to complete the shapes. As an optional 5th step, add a shadow to make those letters pop!

Bullet Journal with Halloween Doodle Tutorial and Pitt Artist Pens

Download a free printable HERE - on us!

Thanks for stopping by - keep creating!

Nicole Barlettano - @plansthatblossom Biography



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