Halloween Painted Rock Faces Craft for Kids

Monster Face Painted Rocks


Ghosts, Goblins, and Ghouls! OH MY!

Halloween is a BIG deal in our house. We go all out with costumes, parties, treats, and decorations! These painted rock faces are the perfect front porch pumpkin companion or non-candy treat for your little tricksters.

My kids are getting older and wanted to pick out their owns costumes, which is great – I encourage independence, but gone are the days of dressing my kids in funny family-themed attire 😭. But, one thing that remains constant is the seasonal crafts!

This project is great for kids of all ages. It encourages creativity with paint and glue, allowing faces to be as simple or intricate as desired. It’s a great exercise to discuss the different faces of emotion and the feelings that go along with them. Or just about Halloween, in general, to give them a better understanding of the holiday and to reiterate that it is all about fun!

How to Craft Your Own Halloween Painted Rock Faces

Here’s what you’ll need:

Rock Painting Kit, Glue, and Paint

Halloween Painted Rock Face Video:

Halloween Painted Rock Face Instructions:

1.Paint rock a solid color. Let dry.

Rock and Paint

2. Add scary or silly mouth on the rock. Let dry.

Green Painted Rock

3. Glue wiggle eyes to rock. Let dry.

Green Painted Rock and Glue

Happy Halloween!

Painted Monster Face Rock

If you are planning on using the rocks outside in the harsh elements, a stronger, more permanent adhesive should be used with parental assistance. Also, a clear coat will help prolong the life of the tempera paint.

This Silly Spider Bookmark is another fun and spooky Halloween craft, perfect for those tiny fingers! Also, you may want to brace your elves 😜, the holidays are right around the corner! Give the ones you love a handmade gift from the kids using the Holiday Hide and Seek Rock Painting Kit.

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