Pitt Artist Pen Brights Lettering Art Set

Pitt Artist Pens Lettering Art Set Brights

A hand lettering set with vibrant colors!


Vivid and vibrant, the Faber-Castell Pitt Artist Pens® Brights Lettering Set brings life to the hands of hand lettering artists. The art of hand lettering brings creative design to handwritten letters, a concept similar to Modern Calligraphy. Various artistic media can be used to hand letter, but our Lettering Sets are great media to begin your lettering journey.   

The Pitt Artist Pens Brights Lettering Set includes four Pitt Artist Pens with a brush nib in colors Colbalt Green, Middle Purple Pink, Orange Glaze, and Light GreenThe brush nib of these Pitt Artist Pens was created specifically for projects such as hand lettering with its paint brush features. Create various broad, medium, or narrow line strokes from one to five mm with their flexible nibs. This set is perfect for artists new to hand lettering or calligraphy.  

Bright Pitt Artist Pens with hand lettering

Filled with India ink, these artist pens are odorless, acid-free, and waterproofWith India ink, you catrust that your artwork is created with the best quality materials as it is also lightfast and wilnot bleethrough paper.  You can also layer your lines for a darker color. You can learn more about Pitt Artist Pens by clicking here.  

Beyond hand lettering, this set can be used on canvas, for journaling or illustration, mixed media artwork, and can even be blended with water for a paint-like feature. 

Pitt Artist Pens are available in over 60 colorsIf you enjoy our Bright Pitt Artist Pen Lettering Set, we also provide Modern Lettering, Jewel Tones, Pastels, and a Primary Lettering Set to add to your collection.  



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