Floral Earth Day Hand Lettering Tutorial

Happy Earth Day lettering

A hand lettering tutorial celebrating Earth Day!

Hi everyone, Mou Saha here with a word art tutorial celebrating Earth Day using a Pitt Artist Pen and Goldfaber Color Pencils. I have made a complete materials list for you.


Grip 2001 Graphite Pencil - HB - #117000

Kneadable Art Eraser - Grey - #127220

Pitt Artist Pen® Extra Superfine - #199 Black - #567099

Goldfaber Color Pencils - Tin of 48 - #214748

Mixed Media paper, cut to 9 x 6 inches


Sketch with ruler and graphite pencil

Start by drawing three light straight lines using the Grip pencil and ruler at about the middle of the paper. These will be the base lines for the hand lettered words.

Sketch with graphite pencil

Spell out Happy Earth Day in block letters with Grip pencil. Fill in the block letters with earth-themed images like trees, birds, mountains, clouds, etc.

Happy Earth Day lettering and Pitt Artist Pen 

Trace the pencil lines with Pitt Artist Pen Black Extra Superfine tip. Gently erase pencil lines.

Happy Earth Day lettering with Goldfaber Color Pencils

Start adding colors to the images in the letters with Goldfaber Color pencils. Be as colorful as you like.

Happy Earth Day lettering with Goldfaber Color Pencils

Happy Earth Day lettering with Grip Graphite Pencil

Sketch a simple floral frame around the words with Grip pencil.

Happy Earth Day hand lettering and Goldfaber Color Pencils

Color the floral frame with Goldfaber Color Pencils to finish I hope you enjoyed today’s tutorial with a Pitt Artist Pen and Goldfaber Color Pencils and hope you have a Happy Earth Day!

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