Watercolor Peanut Dog Holiday Craft Tutorial

Peanut dogs

This holiday craft turns a peanut into a dog~ Step-by-step instructions allow you to easily turn a peanut and acorn into a fun Christmas decoration! Holiday crafts are a fun way to stay engaged, make hand-made gifts and decorate your home!

What you need: 

Acorn caps
Connector Paint
1 Brush
1 Clic&Go Water Cup
1 black marker
1 round nose pliers
paper wire
metal wire gold
cord red 

Holiday Craft

Step 1:

Fill the water cup with water and apply some opaque white in a mixing field of the opaque ink fountain lid. Take up some water with the brush and mix the opaque white until it is creamy. Then paint the peanut all around with white opaque paint and let it dry.

Holiday Craft

 Step 2:

While the painted peanut is drying, you can already make the suspension.

Cut off a piece of the golden metal wire for this. From this wire you form an eyelet which serves as a suspension for the finished dog.

Clamp one end of the wire between the legs of the round nose pliers and wrap the wire around one leg as far as possible. Then carefully release the pressure on the pliers, turn them so far that you can twist the wire a little bit more around the leg. When you have wrapped the wire twice around the leg, bend the straight piece of wire down so that it is at right angles to the eyelet.

Holiday Craft

 Step 3:

Drill a hole in the cap of the glans with the pin. Thread the wire through the hole and cut the wire so that it ends in the cap. Fix the wire from the inside with a glue dot.

Holiday Craft


Step 4:

Now you can form the legs from the paper wire. Cut a piece of wire about 5cm long for each leg. With the round nose pliers you bend the wire at about 3 cm, so that a short and a long end is formed. Bend one paw for the front leg and tinker all four legs according to this pattern.

Holiday Craft

Step 5:

With the pin you carefully drill a small hole at the place of the peanut where the first leg should be placed. Apply a swab of glue to the longer wire end and push it into the hole. Allow the glue to dry before you make the rest of the legs in the same way.

Holiday Craft
Holiday Craft

Step 6:

Now glue the cap with the eyelet on the head of the dog.

Holiday Craft

Step 7:

With a black felt-tip pen you now paint the eyes and the nose.

Holiday Craft

Step 8:

Stick a piece of a wilted leaf on as a tail.

Holiday Craft

Step 9:

Cut off a piece of a colored cord and thread it through the eyelet as a suspension.

And if you like, you can also put a scarf made of the same cord around the neck of your little dog.

Holiday Craft

Your peanut dog is ready!

Holiday Craft Holiday Craft

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