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Holiday Gift Wrapping Tutorial

Posted on December 09 2020

Mitten gift wrapping with a fake tree

DIY gift wrapping that is out of the box!

Hi everyone, Mou Saha here with a creative holiday gift wrapping tutorial using Gelatos and Pitt Artist Pens. I have made a complete materials list for you.


Grip 2001 Graphite Pencil - HB - #117011

Kneadable Art Eraser - Grey - #127220

Gelatos® Iridescent - 15 Piece Set - #770175

Pitt Artist Pen® Brush - #133 Magenta - #167437

Pitt Artist Pen® Brush - #121 Pale Geranium Lake - #167421

Plain white wrapping paper

Small tag, nature finds, felt/ fabric

Sewing machine/ needle & thread



Gift topper (See Part 1 of this blog post for the Holiday Gift Topper Tutorial)

How a gift is wrapped adds so much joy to the gift itself. For this holiday season, let’s wrap our gifts in creative ways at home. I am creating a mitten for some jewelry gifts for my daughters.

White wrapping paper with Goldfaber Graphite Pencil

Start by folding plain white wrapping paper (I'm upcycling some) to have 6-8 layers. Lay the jewelry box at about the center of the folded wrapping paper as shown. Lightly sketch a mitten around the jewelry box using Grip 2001 Graphite Pencil - HB. Leave at least 1 inch around the box when you draw the outline of the mitten to ensure that the box fits inside when you are finished with the mitten.

Mitten outline on wrapping paper

Machine stitch over pencil outline. You could also stitch with needle and thread. Choose any thread color you like.

Mitten shaped wrapping paper with scissors

Cut around with scissors carefully. Leave about a quarter inch around the stitched outline to make sure you don’t accidentally cut into the stitches.

Mitten shaped wrapping paper with Gelatos

Make simple marks with Iridescent Gelatos colors of your choice. Repeat on the back of the mitten.

Mitten shaped wrapping paper

Insert the jewelry box into the mitten.

Gift tag with Pitt Artist Pens

Brush letter the recipient's name with Pitt Artist Pens

Mitten wrapping paper with dove gift topper and tag

Close the opening of the mitten with a strip of felt/ fabric folding it over the opening and stitching it in place. Add a loop to the mitten also with felt or fabric so you can hang it from your Christmas tree if you like.

Create a fun grouping of elements near the top. Stitch in place or use adhesive to attach to the mitten. Add your gift topper for a final unique touch.

I hope you enjoyed the gift wrapping tutorials and I wish you a safe and happy holidays!

Artist biography - Mou Saha - Mou Saha Studio

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