Home for A Bunny Rock Painting for Kids

Rock painting bunny in grass

A rock painting craft for kids inspired by "Home for A Bunny." 

Grade Level: 1st – 2nd grade

Time Required: Two 45-min. class periods


Students develop the drawing and painting skills to transform a rock into a rabbit.







Faber-Castell Tempera Paint

Brushes – round and flat



National Core Arts Standards:

Creating: #1, 3

Presenting/Producing: #5

Responding: #7, 9

Connecting: #10


In the Spring a bunny came down the road. He was going to find a home of his own.

A home for a bunny, a home of his own, Under a rock, under a stone,

Under a log, or under the ground. Where would a bunny find a home?


Home for A Bunny 

HOME FOR A BUNNY–by Margaret Wise Brown, Illustrated by Garth Williams This playful tale is about a sweet, lovable little bunny on his journey to find himself a home one beautiful spring day.

In this lesson plan, children experience the fun of transforming an ordinary rock into the adorable bunny in the story, with the simple art of rock painting.

A rock

1. Begin by asking students to use their imagination and observational skills by finding their own rock to bring in to class and paint as a bunny. The rock should be smooth, oval shaped and no bigger than their hand. It should be rounded, not flat.

 Rock with bunny sketch

2. Next, using tempera or acrylic paint, have students paint their entire rock in a warm, medium brown. When the paint is dry, they can draw their bunny in pencil.

 Rock with bunny painted on it

3. Continue by demonstrating how to paint the bunny’s head, ears and white face. This kind of painting is very forgiving, and any mistakes can be easily painted over and corrected.

A rock with a bunny painted

4. Final touches include the eyes, nose, mouth and whiskers. Have students use a small round brush to insure success with these details.

 A bunny painted rock

5. Don’t forget the tail!


To download your free printable, click here



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