Introducing Albrecht Dürer Watercolor Markers

Introducing Albrecht Dürer Watercolor Markers

Watercolor art has been taken to another level!

The name Albrecht Dürer has represented professional watercolor art materials at Faber-Castell since 1980, and our latest release is no exception. The newly released Albrecht Dürer Watercolor Markers bring a new concept of creating while holding the same professional level quality of their predecessors.

Made in Germany, the Albrecht Dürer Watercolor Marker collection is available in 30 different highly pigmented watercolors with non-toxic, odorless ink that will not bleed through the paper. Six colors rank at high lightfastness with the remaining 24 ranked maximum lightfastness, creating art that will last. All 30 colors are also a part of the unique color matching system – encompassing all Faber-Castell Art and Graphic products. Experience creative freedom as our markers provide a strong color laydown and great water solubility, perfect for gradual lightening or blending.  

Watercolor wheel

Aside from the quality of our ink, the structure of the watercolor markers provides artists with a flexible and easily accessible tool.  This begins with our double-ended fiber-tip nibs: a flexible brush tip and a 1-2mm bullet tip. The brush nib allows various strokes of thickness, and the bullet tip is perfect for sharp fine lines and detailed work. With a rollaway stop-cap, the watercolor markers are the perfect companion for on-the-go art.


The Albrecht Dürer Watercolor Markers are universally applicable; urban sketching, hand lettering and typography, mixed media, professional and ambition level watercolors, and illustrating can all be created with the watercolor markers alone.  Experience watercolors in a way you never have before by adding Albrecht Dürer Watercolor Markers to your creative collection.

 Example of Albrecht Durer Watercolor Marker with ink sample




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