Champagne Flutes with Metallic Markers

Metallic Markers and Champagne Flutes and Hand Lettering


Holiday cheer(s)!

Who’s ready for the new year? Get ready to cheers with these super cute champagne flutes made with Faber-Castell’s new Metallic Markers! Here I’m using "heart of gold” and “nothing else metals."

Start with a Faber-Castell 4B pencil and sketch out the flutes. 

Graphite Sketch of Champagne Flutes and a Metallic Marker

Now use “heart of gold” and color in the champagne part. 

Metallic Marker Champagne Flutes

“nothing else metals” is used for the glass. 

Metallic Marker Champagne Flutes

Now take a medium-sized fine liner and add in the details of the glass. 

Metallic Marker Champagne Flutes with Pitt Artist Pen

Using the metallics again, add in some details of bubbles rising and popping. 

Metallic Marker Champagne Flutes and Metallic Marker

Now for the lettering! Don’t forget to go back and thicken your downstrokes and add a shadow. 

Metallic Marker Champagne Flutes and Holiday Cheers with Metallic Markers

Most importantly, have fun with it, and have a happy new year!

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