DIY Mother's Day Gift Wrapping

Mom Mother's Day Gift Wrapping

Personalized Mother's Day gift wrapping paper!

Step 1:

Take a sheet of paper to sketch the lettering first. Start by drawing the lines in between which you want to place the word “Mom”.

Graphite sketch

Step 2:

Start sketching the letters one by one on the defined lines. If the wrapping paper is transparent enough, you can trace your preliminary sketch on the wrapping paper and copy your writing. Use a pencil for the tracing and the Pitt Artist Pens to finalize your lettering using different stroke widths. If you want to transfer the lettering to a non-transparent wrapping paper, crosshatch your sketch on the back using a soft pencil, place your sketch on the present (the backside facing down) and trace the lines of the letters with your pencil. By doing so, the pencil lines will be transferred onto the wrapping paper. Finalize your lettering with Pitt Artist Pens using different stroke widths.

Mom sketch

Step 3:

To create a golden 3D effect, add lines to indicate shadows next to your letters. The source of light in our example is at the top left. Therefore, the golden shadows should be drawn off-centered to the bottom right of the letters. To complete the Lettering, you can add highlights to the letters on the top left, the side that the light comes from.

Mom Mother's Day gift wrapping

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