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Creative Ideas for Your New Year's Eve at Home

Posted on December 21 2020

Happy New Year Card with Metallic Markers

Celebrate the New Year in Style!

We've provided you with creative ideas on how to make the most of the last evening of the year. With our templates you can conjure up your own cards, wonder bags and small gifts that will make for atmospheric decorations and are guaranteed to please your guests. Just try it out!

What you need:

Coloring templates and cardboard

Metallic Markers

Pitt Artist Pens

Gift ribbon, paper bag, confetti, paper straw, glue and a pair of scissors

Welcome in the New Year with Home-Made Cards

Happy New Year Cards

Why not start the New Year with a few small thoughtful touches?

Send a self-designed card or a small gift including an individual gift tag – small gestures that are particularly appreciated. Simply print out our coloring templates, give them your very own design using different colored Metallic Markers, and in next to no time you’ll have beautiful personal eye-catchers!

Happy New Year Cards

Download "gift tag" template

Download "Happy New Year 1" template

Download "Happy New Year 2" template

Make Your Own Wonder Bags

New Year Bags with Pitt Artist Pens

Make confetti rain at the beginning of the year! You’ll definitely put a smile on your loved ones’ faces with our template for designing a wonder bag! Just download our instructions, print the template for the wonder bag and have your favorite Metallic Markers and Pitt Artist Pens at the ready. All you need now are a paper bag, some confetti, a paper straw, glue and a pair of scissors.

Tip: Slide the template into the paper bag and trace the pattern – this is the quickest and simplest way to transfer the pattern onto the “wonder bag.”

Wonder bag downloadables

Download Instructions

Download template wonder bag

A Different Kind of Gift Wrap for New Years Eve

Wrapped gifts and Metallic Markers

To welcome in the New Year in style, why not use gift wrap that your family and friends have never seen before? All kinds of little things can be hidden in the small boxes – whether fortune cookies, mini surprises or jewelry, there are no limits to your creativity. 

After printing and cutting out the template, place it on some black cardboard. Now all you have to do is cut out the gift box, fill it and fasten it with a ribbon. Cut out and decorate the small gift tags from the template, using the Metallic Markers to draw on them and on the black paper – the shimmering metallic effect is ideal on both. 

Gift wrap template

Download template for gift box and gift tag

Inspiration for Creative Sparkler Holders

Sparklers in sparkler holders

Sparklers are a perfect present for New Year’s Eve. With our templates, Pitt Artist Pen Calligraphy and Metallic Markers, you can create paper holders for sparklers in no time. They are ideal if you want to send sparklers to your loved ones in envelopes or put them on a set table. Simply print the template, decorate it and make two horizontal cuts – the sparklers are bound to be the highlight on New Year’s Eve. 

Tip: Print the templates on different colored paper and create colorful eye-catchers! 

Sparkler holder templates

Download "Happy 2021" template

Download "Sparkling & Adorable New Year" template

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