Paper Crafts for Kids

Paper crafts for kids

Paper crafts are a fun and easy way for kids to get crafty. With a material as simple as paper, the creative opportunities are endless. But just because paper is a simple material, does not mean paper crafts have to be plain. When it comes to creative paper crafts, Creativity for Kids puts a unique spin on the classic paper crafting for kids to easily enjoy.

Benefits to Creating Paper Crafts:

There are many benefits to your little one creating paper crafts. Like other crafts, creating paper crafts can be calming and relaxing. When their little hands are engaged in folding the paper, serotonin (the body’s happy chemical) is released. While serotonin is flowing, crafting with paper also stimulates the brain using logic and creativity. Paper crafts such as origami also help develop fine-motor skills, improve hand-eye coordination and concentration.

Creativity for Kids Paper Crafts:

A pair of hands holding a paper airplane

Fold & Launch Paper Airplanes:

Decorate, fold, and fly! With Fold & Launch Paper Airplanes, your child can create their own fleet of paper airplanes! This kit comes with 80 kid-approved paper designs in a variety of different patterns and sizes, two airplane launchers, and two foil sticker sheets to decorate the planes. As a bonus, six special patterned paper sheets are also included for kids to create a dragon, butterfly, bird, rocket, rainbow, and outer space themed planes.

Paper Airplane Squadron - Create and decorate 20 mini airplanes

Paper Airplane Squadron:

Paper Airplane Squadron takes the classic paper airplane craft and modernizes it! With colorful paper and fun stickers, kids can create and customize 20 paper airplanes. This quick and clever craft teaches a variety of paper airplane styles including traditional, lion, and standard.

A child playing with origami


The ancient art of origami is not only for experienced crafters. With this kit, kids and beginners can master this paper craft with easy-to-follow instructions. The Origami craft kit includes 60 sheets of bright neon paper, fun sticker embellishments, and craft string to create flowers, bunnies, frogs, and other characters.

Origami animals on a book

Corner Creature Bookmarks:

What is better than creating origami? Creating cute paper animal origami bookmarks! Corner Creature Bookmarks craft kit comes with origami paper, a sticker sheet, accessory sheets, step-by-step instructions, and more to create 10 adorable animal-themed origami bookmarks.

Paper crafts make the perfect activity for your child’s next birthday party or summer playdate. Creativity for Kids paper craft kits also make the perfect excuse to unplug and get creative for a few hours. Paper airplanes, origami, and more, the possibilities with paper crafts are as endless as your child’s imagination.


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