Paper Plate Pizza Craft for Kids

Paper Plate Pizza Craft for Kids


It’s back to school season! 😱 While everyone is prepping with fresh supplies, backpacks, and new kicks, I’m over here trying to remind my preschooler how to write her name with something other than sidewalk chalk. This paper plate pizza craft is a fun and easy way to brush up on a few basic motor skills.


I am sure everyone is in agreeance when I say this summer flew by! I am a mixed bag of emotions about the kids heading back to school and daycare. While I am excited for them to get back to a routine and step outside of their comfort zones, I will miss them and of course, worry about them.


Benefits of Preschool Crafting

Child with Red Paint and Paper Plate

​On top of keeping the kids busy for at least 5 minutes 😜, these simple paper plate pizzas will help your little one practice their painting, cutting, and gluing skills. Cutting and using scissors is one skill I am guilty of not encouraging enough. Having proper kid scissors is important! Nothing is more frustrating for a preschooler than trying to learn this skill with scissors that are too big, flimsy, or old.


Also, this project is super versatile! Let the kids pick their favorite toppings and practice more difficult vegetable shapes such as mushrooms or anchovies. This could also easily translate into different foods such as tacos or a salad!

How to Make a Paper Plate Pizza Craft for Kids 

Here's what you will need:

 School glue, Tempera Paint, Paper Plate, and Construction Pad Paper

Paper Plate Pizza Video: 

Paper Plate Pizza Instructions: 

1. Paint sauce on paper plate. Let dry.

 Red Paint on Paper Plate


2.Cut toppings from construction paper.

Scissors Cutting Construction Paper


3.Glue toppings to the paper plate. Let dry. 

Paper Pizza Toppings


🎉🍕 ENJOY! 🍕🎉

Completed Paper Plate Pizza

If “cheesy” projects are your thing, take a bite out of this Plant a Pizza Garden and make something you can really eat!

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