A Parent's Guide to Sensory Bins

Sensory bins parent guide with checked boxes

Sensory play inspiration and ideas!

Creativity for Kids Sensory Bins combine creative play and learning in one fun activity to strengthen your child’s imagination while developing fundamental skills. Each sensory bin features contents that engage the senses and set a play scene for children to scoop, sort and explore! Creativity for Kids Sensory Bins are available in themes: Outer Space, Ice Cream Shop, Construction Zone, Garden and Critters, Race Track, Bake Shop, and Dinosaur Dig.

Safety & Assembly:

  • Have an adult lay out the foundation of your bins whether that be sensory sand or space rocks and let your child’s imagination take over! Enjoy hours of imaginative play with everything you need included.
  • Our sensory bins are created for ages three and older. We recommend supervising children while playing with their bins.

Colorful sand in Sensory Bin


  • Early learning skills: Kindergarten readiness skills
  • Fine motor skills: Tactile play using simple tools
  • Emotional development: Encourages calming, mindful independent play
  • Language development: Promotes the use of descriptive words and storytelling
  • Engage the senses: Contents and instructional prompts help a child to explore their senses.

Guide to Playing and Learning with Sensory Bins:

As an open-ended concept, sensory bin play is up to the imagination; however, we are here to ensure you and your child get the most out of your sensory bins.

Sand and flowers in a Sensory Bin

Each sensory bin has a specific theme with related contents of various textures included for your child to scoop and play with to practice fine motor skills and hand eye coordination. Senses are engaged through those various textures and contrasting colors of each bin.

There are numerous ways in which you and your child can approach sensory bin play depending on age and development level. Give your child the opportunity to use their imagination to explore the sensory bin independently while being supervised without interruption. Independent play builds your child’s personal and creative confidence. Further, many children will need assistance getting started with their bins. Help your child engage their imagination by showing them how to use the tools and asking provoking questions about their bin and the contents inside. Depending on the age of your child, setting boundaries or modeling behavior can help the child keep the contents inside the bin or clean up time easier.

Sensory bin with sand, pebbles, and a dump truck

Fun things to try:

  • Count the items inside the bin.
  • Name each character in the bin.
  • Make up a story about your adventure.
  • Call out the colors of each item.
  • Memory game: Parents – hide some objects under the sand or rocks. Have your child guess what is missing.
  • Close your eyes and grab an item from the bin. See if you can identify it using your sense of touch.
  • Imagination you are at the scene represented in your sensory bin; what sounds do you hear? Now use your nose; what can you smell?


Watch your child have fun exploring various sensory bin themes while simultaneously developing critical life skills and strengthening their imagination!


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