Healing in the Form of Art – Explore Nagomi Art with Soft Pastels

Nagomi Art with soft pastels

Soft pastels are unique, owning a culmination of qualities that cannot be found in other creative mediums. If asked to describe soft pastels, phrases that are bound to be used typically include: easily blendable, versatile, and pigment packed. However, beyond physical features, soft pastels can also be described as calming and healing. Tapping into the emotional side of creating with pastels, explore Nagomi art.

Originating in Japan and popular throughout Asia, Nagomi art is a creative trend identified by its relaxing characteristics and colors.  More than a technique, the concept is all about the artist’s emotional experience during their creative process. Artists can create gentle, transparent, and heartwarming art by simply using soft pastels and fingers. When your fingers are directly involved in creating the art and feel the touch of the paper, you are unconsciously achieving the healing effect of Nagomi art.

Soft pastel art with artist's fingers

Soft pastels are the preferred medium for Nagomi art because they are easy to use with your fingers, thus optimally supporting the desired effect. With multipurpose powdery components and soft color application, soft pastels are very easy to mix for flowing, vibrant color gradients.

Soft pastels with Nagomi art

Pastel Nagomi art can be practiced by artists of any skill level without previous knowledge and children and adults alike can enjoy its mental benefits. Explore the healing effects of Nagomi art with the Faber-Castell Soft Pastel Art Set including 12 soft pastels, pastel paper, a kneadable erase, retractable eraser, blending stump, and an eraser shield.

Soft Pastels are also available in half-length and full-length box sets of 12, 24, 36, 48, and 72. You can find these soft pastel sets on our website.

Nagomi Art Soft Pastel Tutorials: 

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