Be a Rainbow - Watercolor Pencil Rainbow Blending

Rainbow Watercolor with Hand Lettering


I love experimenting with watercolor pencils! There are so many ways you can use them! For this project, I used the Faber-Castell Mixed Media tin. 

The first step is to lay down your color. I followed rainbow order but you can play around with different combinations (remember the color wheel).

Watercolor Pencil Swatches

Once you have the color where you want it...ADD WATER! 

Tip: clean your brush between each color or it will turn muddy from too much mixing.

Watercolor Pencil Swatches with Brush

Let your background dry!

Watercolor Rainbow

To finish your project off add a fun quote!

Watercolor Pencil Rainbow and Hand Lettering with Pitt Artist Pen


Artist Biography - Erin Dahlberg - The Lettering Fern

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