Art Show Observations Watercolor Pencil Sketching Tutorial

Art show watercolor sketch with watercolor pencils

Hi everyone, Mou Saha here to share a drawing from life tutorial using Pitt Artist Pen and Albrecht Dürer Watercolor pencils.

Recommended Watercolor Sketching Materials:

Graphite Sketch Pencils - HB - #112500

Pitt Artist Pen® Extra Superfine - #199 Black - #567099

Albrecht Dürer® Artists' Watercolor Pencils - Tin of 36 - #117536

Art & Graphic Water Brush - #185105

Mixed media paper

Recently I was at an art show where there were a lot of interesting things going on. Between talking to people, I took the opportunity to sketch my surroundings.

Graphite sketch

I used my HB graphite pencil for the sketches. I could have just left the notebook full of pencil sketches as is but I decided to keep adding more to the basic sketches.

Art show sketch with Pitt Artist Pen

I traced over the pencil sketch with my black Pitt Artist Pen with extra superfine tip for a crisp contrast.

Art show sketch with watercolor pencils

I added some colors to the sketch tiles with Albrecht Dürer Artist watercolor pencils. Because I could use these pencils dry, I could have left them as is but I went a step farther.

Art show watercolor sketch with a water brush

With my water brush, I touched the sketches with water to bring them to life. Because the Pitt Artist Pen ink is India Ink that’s permanent when dry, I didn’t have to worry about the ink running.

The whole process was easy with no mess, no spills. It was good use of my time and a fun way to document the day. Hope you give it a try some time!

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