Combine the simplicity of pencil and paper with the power of the digital graphic world with the best tablet for artists: Limited Edition Repaper Tablet

Comes with Repaper Tablet, Repaper Stylus, Castell 9000 2B Pencil, 1 Repaper Ring (small size), 2 Repaper clips, micro USB cable, and Repaper notebook

Simply slide repaper ring onto your favorite pencil, attach a sheet of your favorite paper to the repaper tablet, download the repaper studio application and start drawing. Your creations will come to life on your screen, instantly!

Create on-the-go! Repaper tablet can be used with smartphones and tablets using Bluetooth, PC or MAC. The tablet can also be used independently without connecting to a device, then import and view your creations on the device of your choice

Handwritten notes, drawings and diagrams will be stored in the tablets memory and can be retrieved on the device of your choice

Includes a custom app called repaper studio! Repaper studio application allows you to bring your ideas to life by layering various brushes (pen, pencil, felt pen, reed pen and more), image import, export your creations in JPEG, PNG, PSD, SVG and MP4 formats, and share on social media

Repaper Tablet features pressure sensitivity (8192 levels), tilt detection (20 degrees), wired and wireless connectivity, up to 6 hours of battery life, 4 MB internal memory, SD card port (32 GB), and configuration buttons

Compatibility: Desktop: MacOS 10.11 / Windows 10 Tablets*: iPad Air (1st Generation), iPad mini (4th Generation), iPad (4th Generation), iPad Pro (1st Generation) Smartphones*: iPhone 6 or above, Android 7.0 or above (*Minimum requirement Bluetooth® Low Energy 4.0)

Since 1761, Faber-Castell has been making premium quality art supplies for all skill levels of artists. Limited Edition Repaper Tablet will provide value to any artist.