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Pitt Graphite Master set is a professional quality starter set! The Pitt Graphite set provides all creative artists with an extensive range of pencils and crayons to sketch with.

Pitt Graphite Master Set comes with Castell 9000 2B, Castell 9000 Jumbo 2B, Graphite Aquarelle 2B, Graphite Pure 6B, Pitt Graphite Crayon 6B, Eraser and double-hole metal sharpener.

Castell 9000 graphite pencils were launched by Count Alexander von Faber in 1905. Castell 9000 Graphite Pencils are ideal for artistic work, demanding studies and sketches!

Castell 9000 Jumbo pencils have an extra thick graphite lead that measures 5.3 mm and is made up of finely ground graphite. The voluminous graphite tip provides a comprehensive range of line widths great for shading extended areas.

Graphite Aquarelle is a water-soluble graphite pencil that allows you to create unique watercolor effects that add dimension and artistic character to your drawings.

The Pitt Graphite Pure leads are ideal for creating contrasts and shading extended areas.

The Pitt Graphite Crayons are an ideal and very economical medium for working on very large sketches and areas.

Dust-free eraser removes pencil and color lines cleanly and without smudging!

Double-hole sharpener allows you to sharpener all size pencils included in this graphite pencil set!

These pencils offer unparalleled possibilities for spontaneous expression, creating different effects based on the pressure applied and grade of hardness.

This Grpahite Pencil set is ideal for art on the move!

Since 1761, Faber-Castell has been making premium quality art supplies for all skill levels of artists. Proudly made in Germany, Pitt Graphite Set will provide value to any artist.

Contents Include: 4 Pencils 1 Castell 9000 2B, 1 Castell 9000 Jumbo 2B, 1 Graphite Aquarelle 2B and 1 Pitt Graphite Pure 6B, 1 Pitt Graphite Crayon 6B, 1 Dust-free Eraser and 1 Double-hole Metal Sharpener in blister card packaging