Pitt Artist Pen, Big Brush #199 Black - Box of 4 - #167699

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Pitt Artist Pen Big Brush - The Finest India ink in a Practical Drawing Pen with 4x More Ink.

Pitt Artist Pen Big Brush comes with 4 times more ink than the traditional Pitt Artist Pen. These high-quality India ink art pens are ideal for large-scale art, sketches, drawings, layouts and more. Consistent performance, convenience and value for all artists.

· Highly Pigmented India Ink - #199 Black
· 4x More Ink
· Maximum Lightfastness *** (100+ Years)
· Varying Line Widths 1-8 mm
· Smudge & Waterproof When Dry
· Acid-Free, Odorless & Archival (pH Neutral)
· Great for Large-Scale Artwork
· 4-Count Box Cost Savings

Consistent Performance for Creative Freedom:
This versatile marker is a must-have for artists, illustrators and doodlers alike. With its large brush tip, you can effortlessly create bold strokes, intricate details and everything in between. Durable and flexible, the brush nib retains its shape and allows strokes from narrow to broad widths of 1 to 8mm. The nib ensures consistent ink flow and performance, delivering an even application of color. This allows you to fully focus on expressing your creativity without any interruptions.

The water-based ink is highly pigmented with excellent lightfastness. No matter if you're sketching, illustrating or lettering, the rich black ink delivers intense, fade-resistant color that pops. The ink is pH neutral, acid-free, odorless and permanent, ensuring longevity and preserving the quality of your artwork. For a professional finish to your creations, the ink is smudge and waterproof once dry, and will not bleed through most paper.

4-Count Set Offers Convenience & Value for Artists!
Always have the right tool for the job with multiple markers on hand, perfect for tackling various sketches or large-scale projects. This set ensures you’re never caught without a backup, providing convenience throughout your creative process. The compact box makes it easy to store and transport your markers, allowing you to bring your artistic vision to life wherever inspiration strikes.

Store horizontally.

Contents Include: 4 Pens in a cardboard box