Pitt Artist Pens are available in 66 colors (including 6 metallics) and 12 nib varieties. They feature pigmented India Inks that are lightfast, acid-free and pH Neutral. The ink is odorless, waterproof and permanent once dry on porous surfaces. | The pens are excellent for building color and achieving a vast array of techniques and details. They work beautifully on all types of papers and canvas. The ink will also not bleed through paper making them ideal for sketch books. | Pitt Artist Pens are used daily by artists worldwide for illustration, fashion design, life drawings, portraits, sequential art and canvas paintings. The convenient wallet is made of 100% recycled plastic and provides storage for “on the go” artists. | Store horizontally when not in use.

Ages: 13

Contents Include: 8 Pens: #199 Black Extra Extra Superfine = 0.05mm, Extra Superfine = 0.1mm, Superfine = 0.3mm, Medium = 0.7mm, C = Chisel, B = Brush, FM = Fude Hard and 1.5mm Bullet in a wallet package