Take Your Sketching Skills to the Next Level with the Pitt Artist Pen Sketch Set!

This sketchbook set featuring Pitt Artist Pens in rich black will give your illustrations a broad range of detail from the thinnest and finest details using the XXS nib to sweeping strokes created with the brush nib.

· 8 Pitt Artist Pens #199 Black
· Highly Pigmented Water-Based India Ink​​
· ­Acid-Free, ­Odorless & Archival (pH Neutral) ​​
· Will Not Bleed Through Paper​​
· Smudge & Waterproof When Dry​
· 40 Page Sketchbook
· Natural White Drawing Paper

Faber-Castell Pitt Artist Pens feature pigmented India Inks that are lightfast, acid-free and pH Neutral. The ink is odorless, waterproof and permanent once dry on porous surfaces. They work beautifully on all types of papers and canvas. The ink will also not bleed through paper.

Practice design and illustration techniques with 8 pen sizes including: XXS - Extra Extra Superfine 0.05mm, XS - Extra Superfine 0.1mm, S - Superfine 0.3mm, F - Fine 0.5mm, M - Medium 0.7mm, 1.5 -Bullet 1.5mm, FM - Fude Medium and B - Brush.

The 40 page linen-bound drawing notebook is conveniently sized for on-the-go creativity. The sketchbook features 20 sheets of natural white drawing paper. Its compact design allows artists to carry their art sketchbook with them wherever they go, enabling spontaneous bursts of inspiration and capturing ideas as they arise. Sketchbook measures: 8.25" x 5.25".

Perfect for artists, this versatile assortment provides the freedom to experiment with various techniques and styles. From sketching and outlining to shading or coloring, these pens provide precise control with rich black color, allowing artists to bring their visions to life with confidence and creativity.

Bullet journaling enthusiasts will appreciate the smooth and consistent ink flow of the art pens, making it effortless to create beautiful layouts and designs.

This comprehensive set of premium art supplies offers exceptional value for artists of skill levels.

Contents Include: 8 Pens #199 Black​ XXS, XS, S, F, M, 1.5, FM, B and 1 Sketchbook in cardboard packaging