50 Black Edition Colored Pencils come with a fold out pencil holder, providing convenient desk organization while adding pops of color to your workspace. Made with sleek black wood, the colored pencils have a wonderfully smooth and vibrant color laydown, thanks to their super soft lead. The high pigmentation of the lead makes them versatile – ideal for drawing techniques on light, colored and dark paper. Pure color!

· 50 Brilliant Colors
· Safety Tested & Suitable for All Ages
· Fold Out Pencil Holder
· Eco Friendly - FSC Certified
· Break-Resistant
· Ergonomic Triangular Shape
· For Light, Colored & Dark Paper

Create an Inspiring Workspace and Bring Your Artwork to Life!
Experience endless creativity and pure color with Faber-Castell Black Edition Colored Pencils. Rich pigments ensure a smooth application with vibrant results, enhancing your adult coloring books, coloring pages, sketches and creative artwork.

Black Edition Colored Pencils work exceptionally well with black and colored paper. Colors stand out vividly against the dark background. The rich, opaque pigments of these pencils contrast beautifully, creating striking artwork with enhanced depth and intensity.

50 colored pencils are neatly packaged in a cardboard box, featuring a fold-out pencil holder with colorful Faber-Castell Jousting Knights and Black Edition graphics. It's a simple yet effective way to add a touch of fun and enjoyment to your desk or workspace.

Environmentally friendly, the eco pencils are made of wood from certified sustainable forestry.

The ergonomic triangular shape of the pencils automatically ensures the correct grip position for optimum comfort while drawing and prevents hand fatigue when creating art. Pencils will not roll off of or away from the work surface as well.

The pre-sharpened pencils have a color dipped end to match the lead, for easy identification while working between colors. They feature break-resistant leads produced through secure-all bonding; gluing the lead the entire length of the pencil. This results in easy sharpening, excellent point retention and ultimately longer-lasting art supplies!

Ideal Art Gifts for All Occasions:
High-quality art supplies suitable for artists of all ages, from adults to teens and kids alike. The 50-count set makes for a cool and distinctive gift, perfect for any colored pencil enthusiast. It's an art set they'll proudly display on their desk and enjoy daily!

Black Edition Colored Pencils are available in a variety of assorted color sets, including a 100-count tin.

Suitable for light papers, explore the Black Edition Super Soft Brush Pens as well! With both colored pencils and washable markers in the collection, they bring vibrancy to everyday school, home and office settings, fostering a colorful and inspiring atmosphere for boundless creativity!

Ages: 13+

Contents Include: 50 Colored Pencils #713 White, #728 Sand, #718 Peach, #732 Salmon, #730 Petal Rose, #704 Pink, #731 Ruby Red, #717 Magenta, #703 Red, #715 Red Orange, #727 Orange, #702 Yellow Orange, #726 Ochre Orange, #714 Orange Yellow, #701 Yellow, #725 Green Yellow, #743 Spring Green, #744 Yellow Green, #721 Grey Green, #710 Lime, #742 Dark Green, #709 Green, #741 Teal, #740 Blue Green, #708 Mint Green, #739 Turquoise, #734 Slate, #706 Light Blue, #738 Bluish Turquoise, #720 Periwinkle, #736 Blue, #707 Cerulean, #737 Navy Blue, #735 Pale Rose, #729 Light Crimson, #719 Red Violet, #705 Violet, #733 Crimson, #749 Blue Violet, #716 Dark Red, #748 Mahogany, #746 Taupe, #747 Burnt Ochre, #722 Yellow Ochre, #723 Burnt Sienna, #711 Brown, #745 Burnt Umber, #724 Dark Grey, #750 Cool Grey and #712 Black in a cardboard box with a fold-out pencil holder