The Stunt Squadron Paper Airplanes kit includes everything you need to make, decorate and fly your own paper planes with 2 airplane launchers!

· Create 80 Paper Planes
· Shiny Foil Stickers
· 2 Airplane Launchers
· 4 Paper Sizes & 5 Folding Techniques
· Online Video Instructions

Learn How to Make a Paper Airplane:
Get Kids Excited About Flying as they create a fleet of paper planes! Appealing to boys and girls, paper planes come in assorted sizes with vibrant colors and cool graphics.

With 80 kid-approved paper airplane designs, step-by-step instructions and an online video tutorial, kids will learn how to make a paper airplane with 5 different folding techniques. This papercraft is similar to Origami, the Japanese art of paper folding. Video instructions make it easy for kids to fold & fly!

Kids will create airplanes in 4 different sizes: Large, Medium, Small and Mini. From easy to medium skill level, our fold techniques were chosen so everyone will have fun: Traditional, Standard, Arrow, Ace and Lion. There are 6 special patterned papers included to use with the Arrow fold to create: Dragon, Butterfly, Bird, Rocket, Rainbow and Meteor Shower airplanes. Detail your paper airplanes with shiny silver and gold foil stickers and watch as they sparkle in flight!

Creating these fun craft and play paper planes introduce STEAM learning. Experts recognize that STEAM activities: Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math can help kids learn while balancing education with play.

Friends and family will enjoy this nostalgic classic and find themselves joining in the high-flying fun, by making and launching a few of their own!

Cool Gifts for Boys & Girls:
Aviation fun for boys and girls alike. An excellent group activity! Perfect for sleepovers, birthday parties, after school craft activities and more.

For more paper plane designs and glow in the dark fun, add the Stunt Squadron Neon Glow Paper Airplanes kit too!

Ages: 6+

Contents Include: 80 Graphic papers in assorted sizes with 6 special patterned papers, 2 Quick-pull airplane launchers, 2 Foil sticker sheets, 1 Clear sticker sheet and Illustrated instructions


Warning: NONE