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e-motion Pure Black Mechanical Pencil - Rich Matte Black & Dynamic Silhouette.

The e-motion Pure Black, with its dynamic shape and striking matte black finish, ignites a sense of passion and sophistication. The deep, trendy shade with its modern elegance, stands out in any collection. The masculine aluminum barrel, adorned with an intricate guilloche pattern, captivates connoisseurs and enthusiasts alike.

· Sophisticated Matte Black
· Iconic Bulbous Barrel
· Anodized Aluminum
· Elaborate Guilloche Pattern
· Spring-Loaded Metal Clip
· 1.4 mm Break-Resistant Lead - Degree B
· Large White Eraser
· Refillable
· Twist Mechanism
· Presented in an Attractive White Slip Case Gift Box

The mechanical pencil features a barrel made of anodized aluminum with an elaborate Guilloche pattern. The anodizing treatment adds a layer of oxide to the surface. This protective layer gives the e-motion its special coloration and makes it more robust.

e-motion writing instruments feature a bulbous barrel and tapered design, ensuring the pencil rests comfortably in your hand for hours of uninterrupted writing and sketching. The ergonomic shape not only provides superior comfort, but also enhances the writing experience, making it an ideal choice for long sessions.

The cap, tip and clip are are made of chrome-plated metal, in matching matte black. Smooth-gliding, the twist mechanism advances and retracts the refill with ease. The clip is spring-loaded and fastens securely to your shirt pocket, pencil case, notebook or sketchbook when on the move. The reliable pencil is always at the ready whenever inspiration strikes.

Fitted with a thick 1.4mm break-resistant lead, in degree of lead hardness B. The large white eraser is found under the removable cap. Additional lead in the same degree and eraser refills are available separately.

Ideal for those who appreciate the finer things in life, the e-motion Pure Black is a testament to refined taste and meticulous craftsmanship.

Contents Include: 1 Mechanical Pencil in gift box