HEXO Fountain Pen, Matte Black

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Nib Size: Extra Fine

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HEXO Matte Black Fountain Pen - Edgy & Creative.

Whether you're writing the perfect novel, penning a valentine to your sweetheart, or jotting down the notes to a new tune, Hexo will help you bring your creativity to life!

· Unmistakable Hexagonal Design
· Anodized Aluminum
· Special Edge Stainless Steel Nib in Black
· Cartridge/Converter System
· Lacquered Metal Clip in Black
· Ergonomic Plexiglass Grip
· Presented in an Attractive White Slip Case Gift Box

The Hexo Fountain Pen features an anodized aluminum barrel in sophisticated matte black. The anodizing treatment forms a protective outer layer of oxide that gives the pen its special color and makes it even more robust.

The pen features a smooth flowing stainless steel, special edge nib in complementary black. It is equipped with a cartridge/converter system and is fitted with 1 royal blue ink cartridge. Additional ink colors in cartridge or bottle and a fountain pen converter are available separately.

Iconic Faber-Castell Jousting Knights are embossed and prominently displayed on the top of the detachable cap. The cap features a stable lacquered metal clip in black. It easily pulls off and posts on the back end of the pen while writing if desired. The pen has a balanced weight with and without the cap.

A special companion, as individual as we are: with its hexagonal shape and feel, the Hexo Fountain Pen brings an entirely new perspective to the world of creative writing.