The Grip 2001 Artist Drawing Set features 3 high-quality pencils in lead hardness degrees: 2B, B and HB. Each Grip 2001 Pencil with their iconic ergonomic triangular shape and non-slip, soft-grip zone ensures optimal control and comfort – allowing you to create detailed and intricate drawings with precision and ease.

The pencils are made of finely ground graphite for a smooth laydown that is never scratchy. The break-resistant leads ensure a reliable and consistent line that resists the frustrating problem of breakage when sharpening, providing a durable and long-lasting writing and drawing experience.

The eco friendly pencils are produced with wood from certified sustainable forestry and are coated with environmentally friendly water-based varnish, a technology first introduced by Faber-Castell.

This all in one drawing set includes a PVC and Latex-free eraser along with a metal sharpener – everything you need to elevate your sketches, portraits and illustrations right at your fingertips!

Contents Include: 3 Pencils 2B, B and HB, 1 Metal Sharpener and 1 Dust, PVC and Latex-free Eraser in blister card packaging