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Grip 2011 Pale Rose Ballpoint Pen - Delicate Shimmering Rosé.

The latest addition to the Grip 2011 collection introduces a refreshing twist with the new pale rose color. This cool pink hue has a subtle shimmer effect, adding a beautiful contrast to the classic color selection of these writing instruments.

· Aesthetically Pleasing
· Ergonomic Triangular Shape
· Non-Slip Soft Grip
· Stable Stainless Steel Clip
· Push Button Mechanism
· Safe for Pockets
· Blue Ballpoint Refill in Extra Broad
· Document-Proof & Refillable

Designed with ergonomics in mind, the Grip 2011 provides a comfortable grip with characteristic grip dots and delivers an exceptionally soft and light writing experience. Enjoy hours of tireless writing thanks to the triangular shape and the pen's ideal, balanced weight.

The ballpoint pen features a push button mechanism for seamless operation, ensuring quick and easy access whenever inspiration strikes. The push button retracts the refill, making it safe for pockets when on the move and its stainless steel clip, fastens securely to your shirt pocket or pen case.

Whether you're jotting down notes at the office, signing documents or sketching ideas in class, the Grip 2011 Pale Rose is an enjoyable pen for all your writing needs.

Fitted with a large-capacity ballpoint refill in blue, with an extra broad tip. Additional refill sizes in black and blue are available separately.

Contents Include: 1 Pen