Celebrate diversity and self-expression with World Colors Beeswax Crayons!

This 15-piece crayon set includes 9 bright, fun colors and 6 blendable skin tones. From 6 basic colors you can create a multitude of skin tones, stimulating creativity through easy-to-do blending techniques.

The crayons are made with highly pigmented beeswax, ensuring a smooth and silky texture that glides effortlessly on paper. Each crayon delivers bold and brilliant colors, allowing your child's artwork to come to life with every stroke.

The jumbo, break-resistant crayons are triangular in shape, perfect for learning the proper grip and they will not roll away from the work surface.

Suitable for various art projects, from coloring books and crafts to school assignments and freehand drawings.

Ages: 3+

Contents Include: 15 Beeswax Crayons White, Peach, Yellow, Orange, Red, Rose, Purple, Blue, Green, Mustard, Pale Brown, Terracotta, Brown, Dark Brown and Black in a box

Warning: NONE