Faber-Castell® USA Brand Ambassador Program

Once you become a Faber-Castell USA Brand Collaborator, you have the opportunity to join our Brand Ambassador Program. Brand Ambassadors are under contract and provide invaluable artwork and content to Faber-Castell USA that is used on social media, our website(s), marketing materials, catalogs and more.

Criteria and expectations for Brand Ambassadors include:

1. Must be a Faber-Castell USA Brand Collaborator for more than 3 months.

2. Must provide monthly content for Faber-Castell USA which includes but is not limited to videos and still photos that detail a demonstration of a tip or technique using Faber-Castell product(s) that will then be shared by the Faber-Castell USA team on social media.

3. Content may be used on our web sites, marketing materials, catalogs and more with the Brand Ambassador’s   consent.

4. Materials and Products in the content will only be Faber-Castell USA products, either already owned by the Brand Ambassador or provided by the Faber-Castell USA team for use (unless it is product that Faber-Castell USA does not currently make. i.e. paper, etc.).

5. Content must reference exact product name within the copy of the post and/or mentioned in the voice-over on video.

6. The Brand Ambassador should create content that feels natural to them and their aesthetic, resulting in art that is   authentic to them, but that also adheres to Faber-Castell USA’s level of professionalism.

Please note that only existing Faber-Castell USA Brand Collaborators will be considered for the Brand Ambassador Program at this time. To apply, please email your current brand representative at Faber-Castell USA for details.