Writing with Style: The New Hexo

Performance with Character

Clear the stage for this powerful character: the six-sided Hexo is as irresistible as the beat in your ear, as individual as your personal playlist. Fountain pen, rollerball pen and ballpoint pen show off their corners and edges, striking and stylish, for boundless creativity. They are made in Europe and available in trendy rose, silver and black.

Strong Performance with a Light Weight

The six-sided Hexo is made of anodised aluminium, meaning the aluminium is treated to form a protective outer layer of oxide. So the lightweight pen is even more robust to deal with everything you encounter in your creative writing process.

All Hexo Tools at a Glance

Always at hand when the next line in your new song comes to mind, when melodies take shape: the new Hexo. Whether ballpoint pen, rollerball pen or fountain pen: you’ll always hit the right note. Distinctive and stylish, the Hexo proudly shows off its corners and edges – and is extremely lightweight.

The Whole World of Fine Writing

Functional, minimalist and as versatile as their users: discover our selection of high-quality writing instruments made from precious metals, precious resin and wood.