The Famazings - Comic Illustration

Developed with professional comic illustrators, The Famazings collection is a comic art material series that adds persona and inspiration to our Pitt Artist Pen and Goldfaber Color Pencil sets. These sets were carefully created to deliver the best quality comic illustration experience for artists.

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Island comic art

The Story of the Famazings

The “Famazings” are a family of four superheroes who have exceptional powers. These superpowers are the result of a volcano erupting on the island of Ignivo, during which strange substances from the Earth's core were catapulted into the atmosphere – with dramatic consequences for the people's bodies and minds: they suddenly developed superpowers. The capability of having superpowers can be handed down from one generation to the next.  

The island dwellers founded a secret superhero organization called Ignivo, the same name as the island, of which the Famazings are members. The aim of the organization is to use their superpowers to help the government fight evil as well as save and protect others. The organization coordinates the members’ missions and contacts those who are developing their superpowers. 

Famazing comic art

Superhero Name: Sgt. Robustus

Father of the superhero family, 41 years old

As Sgt. Robustus he helps people in need with his superhuman physical strength and increased stamina. He is also a master in several martial arts. He primarily uses his trained protective instinct for his family, his top priority. Sgt. Robustus is not only a super strong, reliable and trustworthy superhero, he also has a bit of a weakness for small, cute things.

The Comic 3D Set contains Goldfaber Color Pencils and various India ink Pitt Artist Pens ® to draw father Ben, alias Sgt. Robustus, who is a genuinely impressive apparition with his steeled, muscular figure.

Famazing comic art

Superhero Name: Zinergy

Mother of the superhero family, 37 years old
The superhero Zinergy has very special power. In addition to numerous combat skills, she can read minds and has a healing factor. For her, the family comes first, too. With great empathy and understanding, she and her husband not only want to protect their own children, but also use their superpower to save other people.

The six colorful Pitt Artist Pens in the Comic Coloring Set are as expressive as the interaction of the powers of mother Abbey, alias Zinergy, when she reads people's minds.

Famazing comic art

Superhero Name: Shiftress

Daughter of the superhero family, 14 years old
She lives up to her superhero name: Shiftress is a shape-shifter and, in addition to her heightened sense of hearing and smell, she also has the ability to transform herself into other beings, especially animals. As a somewhat stubborn and moody teenager, she can't yet control her emotions completely and thus has a tendency to get herself into danger. She is wild and creative, does not trust easily, but is very faithful.

The Comic Shading Set is dedicated to daughter Rachel who has the power to turn herself into, for example, a tiger. Amateur artists will successfully draw the fascinating stripes of a tiger's fur perfectly with Pitt Artist Pens in four different shades of grey with line width B. The high-tech nib can be used to create areas of shade as well as occasional accents on paper.

Famazing comic art

Superhero Name: Airling

Son of the superhero family, 16 years old
To get wings that are only visible when you want to fly and invisible for normal people, that is the special super power of Airling. He is super-fast, quiet and a really good spy. He is very intelligent, somewhat introverted but has a calm and balanced personality. As a big brother he cares for his younger sister and protects her by putting his wings around her.

The Comic Black Set pays homage to the son of the family, Dylan, who can fly. Four Pitt Artist Pens in black with different nibs are the perfect tools for tracing the fine contours, lines and details of Airling’s wings.