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Wham Bam Glam!

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Time to Shine

Wham Bam Glam! The new Grip Edition Glam is here. And it is totally iridescent! Just in case you’re asking yourself “Iridescent? What's that?” Here’s a short definition: iridescent means shimmering in rainbow colors. And rainbows are always good. Especially when they come in pearl, violet and silver. These are the colors of the new fountain and ballpoint pens.

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Grip fountain pen - write your own future sign

Sure, you know it too: chatting with friends, creating your new playlist, streaming your favorite series - you're always online. Digital is quite normal. That's why it's even nicer to regularly take time out from posting and liking. Simply switch off, put your tablet and smartphone aside and create space for new thoughts: Where do I want to go, what drives me, what makes me tick? Put your ideas on paper - write your own future!

Neon sign that says Write Your Own Future with polaroid and grip pen

The right writing instruments provide inspiration and creativity for your analog break. Whether for bullet journaling or doodling, mood tracking or daily desk work - this range is just right for your style: Grip fountain pens, ballpoint pens and mechanical pencils with color-matching dots on the barrel, plus sparkling Sparkle pencils and accessories like sharpeners and erasers.
All come in the three soft, muted colors Coconut Milk, Rose Shadows and Dapple Gray - perfect for the many shades in between in your everyday life. And if you want it to be pure: Fountain pens and ballpoint pens are also available in cool black.

This series also scores in terms of quality: Thanks to their ergonomic grip zone, the writing instruments fit perfectly in your hand, regardless of whether you are right- or left-handed. For long writing stretches, the Grip fountain pen is a good choice because its nib glides easily over the paper. So, are you ready for your new creative everyday companions?  

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