Premium quality vibrant acrylic paint from Faber-Castell has high brilliance, good lightfastness and is easily blendable. Faber-Castell acrylic paint will have a highly pigmented, glassy finish on almost any smooth surface Complete paint set comes with a mixing palette and 12 vibrant colors of acrylic paint Perfect for beginners! Acrylic paint has a creamy consistency, are extremely versatile and mistakes can be corrected at any time with ease The intense, brilliant and mixable shades of the acrylic paint can be used straight from the tubes or diluted with water. Use acrylic paint with brushes, spatulas, rollers, and other painting tools! Also try mixing acrylic paint with charcoal, pastels, and other mediums to create a mixed media art piece After your artwork dries the acrylic paint is water resistant!

Ages: 13+