Ambition Fountain Pen, Coconut

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Nib Size: Extra Fine

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The Ambition Coconut Fountain Pen - Vividly Grained Coconut Wood.

Clean lines and selected materials of these slender writing instruments make an excellent impression. They are distinguished by clear-cut visual design combined with professional functionalism.

· Coconut Wood with Lively Grain
· Chrome-Plated Metal
· High-Quality Stainless Steel Nib
· Cartridge/Converter System
· Equipped with a Converter
· Spring-Loaded Metal Clip
· Presented in an Attractive White Slip Case Gift Box

Crafted from coconut wood, the barrel of the pen features lively grain in rich black and brown tones that exude natural beauty. The cap and grip are constructed from meticulously polished chrome-plated metal, creating a striking contrast. The cap features a spring-loaded metal clip for convenient attachment to your shirt pocket or pen case, and can be securely posted on the back end while writing if desired.

The pen features a smooth flowing stainless steel nib. It is equipped with a cartridge/converter system and is fitted with 1 converter. Fountain pen ink colors in cartridge or bottle are available separately.

The Ambition Fountain Pen has a balanced weight for comfort and tireless writing. Smooth, consistent ink flow glides across the paper. Perfect for letter writing, penning invitations or starting a new job. Confidently put pen to paper and make your mark with style and precision in any setting.

A Timeless Beauty with Classic Elegance.